Public Notice is hereby given that Mark Teetsov, owner of the property at 203 Franklin Avenue, has submitted an application for a minor variation in accordance with Section 10-5-4-B-1 of the Zoning Code.  Section 10-5-4-B-1 can allow a decrease in the front yard setback of up to five percent from the requirement of the applicable regulation through the Minor Variation procedure.

The foundation of the proposed single family residence for the subject property was inadvertently constructed closer to the south property line, facing Washington Boulevard, than intended.  Section 10-9-7 (10-8-7-A-2) of the Zoning Code requires a minimum Front Yard setback for the front yard facing the secondary street of 13 feet.  As built, the house will have a setback to the south property line of 12 feet 4.2 inches, a reduction of 5% from the required setback.  This is the only variation required for 203 Franklin Avenue.  

The legal description of the property at 203 Franklin Avenue is as follows:

LOT 12 IN block 3, in e. s. conway’s Resubdivision Of ranson’s subdivision OF THE WEST 1/2 of the east 1/2 OF THE SOUTHWEST 1/4 OF SECTION 12, Township 39 North, Range 12, East of the Third Principal Meridian, IN Cook County, Illinois.

This Public Notice invites written comment regarding the merits or potential impact of the requested Minor Variation.  The application is available for review by clicking here and is also available at the Village Hall (400 Park Avenue).  All written comments are to be received by Clifford Radatz, Building Official, within fifteen days of the date of this notice or by 4:30 PM on Wednesday, November 15, 2016.  Minor variations do not require public hearings by the Zoning Board of Appeals.