This project consists of two different product applications. The first is referred to as "crack filling" and involves the application of a thick, bituminous liquid to all pavement cracks within a designated area. The purpose of this is to prevent additional water from entering the asphalt road, which causes further deterioration. The second application is referred to as "pavement rejuvenation" which involves the application of a product that “soaks” into the existing asphalt and prevents it from experiencing failures as soon as the applied product is dry.  This application helps extend the life of the existing pavement without the need for additional overlays or resurfacing. 

During application of the crack fill material, traffic is minimally affected.  The material can be driven upon almost immediately, however, caution should be exercised when workers are present. During application of the pavement rejuvenation material, the road is closed down and all vehicular access is completely restricted.  It typically takes 3-4 hours for the material to dry and for access to be restored.


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