See below for information regarding the following constructions requirements:

Construction Work Hours

Construction shall be considered to include job-site material deliveries, pre-start staging activities and any equipment operation including trucks with back-up alarms.

Display of Permit Placard

The permit placard must be displayed in a prominent space visible from the street during the entire duration of the project. If it cannot be displayed in a front window then it must be mounted as a stand-alone weatherproof sign erected in the front yard. Display of the placard is mandatory. Projects not displaying this sign shall be considered in violation of the required permit conditions and risk being shut down. Replacement Placards are available at Village Hall at a cost of $15.

Display of Construction Sign


All projects involving the demolition of an entire structure (except accessory buildings and detached garages) or that result in an increase in floor area of 300 square feet or more (except two car frame garages) or are valued at $200,000 or more will be required to display a construction sign to be supplied by the Village of River Forest at a point no further than 10 feet from the public sidewalk. Said sign will be a minimum of 24 by 30 inches in dimension and shall be posted immediately after the owner and contractor attend a preconstruction meeting with Village Officials to discuss the project. The posting of the sign shall occur a minimum of one week prior to the start of work (site fencing and required tree protection work may proceed in advance of the posting of the sign).

Responsibility to the Public and Protection of Public Property