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Sewer Lining

The Village’s annual Sewer Lining project takes place Village-wide and is intended to improve the Village’s sewer system and prevent costly repairs due to failing sewer mains.  Portions of the sewer system are cleaned and televised on an annual basis.  These videos are then reviewed to determine which lengths of sewer main are most in need of being lined.  A liner is inserted into the sewer through an existing manhole and pulled through the sewer to the next manhole.  Once installed, the liner is pressurized with hot water or steam to cure the liner along the inside wall of the sewer main.  Once it has cured (typically over a few hours) a robot is inserted into the hardened liner and the sewer connections from homes and businesses are reinstated by cutting a hole in the liner. 

On occasion, the existing sewer is in such disrepair that a liner cannot be inserted.  In these cases, a small excavation will have to be made to fix the sewer before it can be lined.  These “point repairs” are the only excavation needed.  All other work is completed from within the sewer to avoid any additional disturbance. 

2017 Project Information

This year’s project will include various sewer locations throughout the Village.  An additional notice will be delivered to your door by the contractor just prior to work beginning.  It is requested that water usage be minimized as much as possible during the lining process, however, water and sewer service to and from your home or business will not be disrupted. 

Click here to see locations of sewer to be lined in 2017:           

Typical Sewer, pre-lining:                   Typical Sewer, post-lining:

Pre Lining                Post Lining

 Click here to see a pipe in need of a point repair  

Project Updates

  • 9/14/17 - All sewer lining segments have been completed. The only remaining work at this time is the lining of 3 manholes. The impacts associated with this work should be minimal. 
  • 8/3/17 - Point repairs are now complete. Pavement patching at these repair locations will be taking place tomorrow. The lining of the sewers is still anticipated to be completed during the month of August. Those that will be (minimally) impacted will receive a door hanger in advance of the work. 
  • 7/13/17 - Sewer cleaning will begin today. This will not affect any water usage and should not affect the function of the sewers.
  • 5/10/17 - A contract has been awarded to Visu Sewer of Illinois to complete this project. The work is anticipated to take place starting in late June/early July and continuing through the month of August. The work is minimally invasive. Those that will be affected by this project should receive a letter from Village Staff with further details. An additional notice will be delivered by the contractor no less than 24 hours prior to work beginning.