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Water Main

This project is typically completed by cutting a trench in the pavement on one side of the street, installing the new water main and transferring individual services from the old water main to the new water main.  It can be quite disruptive during construction, however, this is usually the most cost-effective way to replace a water main. 

 2017 Project Information Updates

  • 10/25/17 - Due to some improper sequencing of the asphalt installation, some sections of the roadway will need to be removed and replaced. This work will be starting today (10/25) and should be completed by tomorrow morning (10/26). The work will involve removal and replacement of the top layer of asphalt throughout a portion of the project area. Impacts will be minimal and it should not take long to complete these tasks.
    Tomorrow morning, at approximately 7:30 am, prime coat will once again be sprayed onto the pavement. This allows the new asphalt to adhere to the base layer properly. While the new pavement is planned to be installed shortly after the prime coat is applied, there will be a time when the roads are open and wet with prime coat material. This material can be driven upon, however, it is advised that speeds are minimized in an effort to avoid the material spraying up onto the body of the vehicle. It can also be tracked up onto driveways so it is advised that any vehicles entering the area avoid entering driveways until the paving work is completed. There are sections of pavement that will be unaffected during this work (anything not disturbed during today’s milling). Any vehicles entering the area prior to paving tomorrow are advised to park in these areas.
  • 10/18/17 - The paving contractor is installing the first layer of asphalt today. This can be driven over at any point and will not cause any access issues. Later this week (likely Friday) the water main contractor will return to raise all of the manholes back up to grade. This will result in some barricades throughout the roadway but this too should not affect access. Once the final layer of asphalt is installed next week, the roadway work will be complete. Sod is currently scheduled for later this week, most likely on Friday. 
  • 10/12/17 - The contractor will be finishing concrete work this week with pavement milling to start next Tuesday. The first layer of asphalt will be installed shortly thereafter, depending on how much base-patching may be needed. The first layer of asphalt should be complete by Thursday of next week. Please note that although there will be more activity and equipment, universal access throughout the area should not be an issue. The milling operation will only be removing the top 2" of pavement and the new asphalt can be driven on shortly after it is compacted. Once this work is completed the landscaping restoration will take place, followed by the final layer of asphalt. 
  • 9/27/17 - The contractor is currently removing curb and gutter throughout the area. These removals will be replaced starting next week on Monday. All curb that is in front of a driveway will be left in place until Monday morning, at which time it will need to be removed so that the new one will be poured. Notices to those homes that will have driveway access affected during this time will be notified later this week. 
  • 9/25/17 - Due to some utility conflicts, it will not be possible to directionally bore the final two water services across the street. These services will need to be excavated from the water main to the buffalo box, which will result in some additional noise and road closures. As the roadway will be completely opened up, vehicles will not be able to cross through this area until the work is done and the excavations are backfilled. This work should be completed by the end of the day today. Tomorrow, the final disconnection of the old water main will take place. After that, there should be no more remaining work associated with the water main. Concrete replacement will begin shortly thereafter, followed by roadway resurfacing.
  • 9/14/17 - Installation of the water main along both River Oaks and Auvergne is complete. Pressure Testing and Disinfection were completed last week and the contractor started transferring water services from the old main to the new main this week. Once all services have been transferred, the old main will be cut/capped and abandoned. Remaining work at that time will include concrete/sod restoration as well as full-width pavement resurfacing on both streets. 
  • 8/9/17 - Construction of the water main along River Oaks has gone well without any surprises along the way. Today, the contractor will be installing a valve at the south end of the street (just north of Lake Street). Once this is completed, they will head back to the intersection of River Oaks/Auvergne and begin working south down Auvergne. Due to tight workspace constraints, the Village will be installing No Parking signs along Auvergne for the duration of the water main installation. This is only anticipated to last for a few days, however, with the roadway being as narrow as it is, this is the safest way to allow the contractor to complete the necessary work. We appreciate your cooperation during this project. 
  • 8/3/17 - Water main installation began this week along River Oaks. To minimize damage to adjacent properties, the contractor is working west (then south) down River Oaks toward Lake Street. Once this section is completed, they will start up again at the River Oaks/Auvergne intersection and work their way south down Auvergne to Lake Street.
  • 7/27/17 - Excavation is now scheduled to begin on Monday, July 31st.
  • 7/25/17 - Due to elevated groundwater levels, excavation will be unable to start as planned this week. If excavation were to begin, there would be a substantial amount of pumping required to keep the trench dry and the area would become extremely muddy. To minimize the additional efforts needed to maintain a safe and clean worksite, we will continue to monitor the situation and will begin excavation as soon as possible. 
  • 7/20/17 - Due to the forecast of heavy rain this week, the excavation work that was previously scheduled for the end of this week has been pushed back to next Monday. 
  • 7/13/17 - A walk-through of the project specifics was conducted with the contractor yesterday afternoon. IDOT approval has been granted and, as such, work is scheduled to begin next week. Some barricades may be dropped off later this week. Additionally, Village Staff will be marking the limits of tree root pruning that will be taking place early next week. The roots of trees (adjacent to the sidewalk) will be saw-cut so that during the excavation process the roots will not be damaged. This creates a "clean-break" which minimizes damage to the tree. This is a common practice when excavation is required in close proximity to mature trees. Later in the week, excavation for water main installation will also begin. Work is currently scheduled to start at the River Oaks/Lake intersection and proceed in a clockwise direction through the area. 
  • 6/16/17 - Earlier this week the Village held an open-house meeting to provide project information and answer any questions to those property owners that will be affected by the project. The contractor is tentatively scheduled to begin work toward the end of the month but this is dependent upon some utility information that the Village still needs from AT&T. 
  • A contract has been awarded for this project to Unique Plumbing, Co. While a start date has not yet been established, the work is anticipated to be complete by the end of June. An Open House Meeting will be scheduled at the end of May to provide further details regarding the scope of work. All those affected by the project should have received a general notification letter and will receive a postcard with details for the Open House Meeting.