Volunteer form

Thank you for your interest in a position on a Village of River Forest Board or Commission. The Village relies on its residents to serve in these important advisory positions. These Commissions provide guidance and advice to the Village Board to enhance safety, strengthen our quality of life, and help stabilize our property taxes.

Please carefully consider your schedule and availability before you apply as it is vital that you are able to attend the majority of the meetings (usually once a month, sometimes twice depending on the Commission) and the occasional training requirement in order to best serve your community. Most appointments are for a four-year commitment. We encourage you to be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of each Commission for which you are applying.

The Village will acknowledge receipt of your application. As vacancies on advisory Boards or Commissions occur, the Village President will review the applications of candidates who have completed this volunteer form. The Village President will contact the applicant based on his or her interest, volunteer preference, and the work and responsibility of the Board or Commission. Applicants determined to be a good fit based on interest and experience for the role will be recommended to the Village Board of Trustees for appointment consideration. The Village Board of Trustees have the final approval of all appointments.

There are 21 required appointments based on state statute and 31 additional appointments, passed by ordinance, that help to enhance and build a better community. From time to time, the Village Board may allow for an ad hoc committee to address a community issue. Those will be passed by resolution.

If you are asked and agree to serve on a Village of River Forest Board or Commission, as a new member you will be required to complete the Illinois Attorney General’s Office Open Meetings Act Training Program. Village Staff will advise you on how and where to access the online training to earn your certificate.

Additionally, please be aware that in accordance with the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act, it will be necessary for you to submit a Statement of Economic Interest filing to the Cook County Clerk’s office. After your appointment, you will be notified by the Clerk’s office via email with instructions on how to file online.

Volunteer boards and commissions are a critical component to our governance structure. Thank you for your interest in serving your River Forest community.