What is Community Solar?

A community solar project is a single site solar installation shared by multiple subscribers. Community solar allows “subscribers” to receive net metering credits on their electricity bill and support the development of new renewable energy resources without needing to install equipment on their property. Community solar projects in Illinois are defined as no larger than 2,000 kW in peak capacity per site.

How does Community Solar Work?

Community solar projects generate electricity, and that power is delivered into the electric grid of the utility. The community solar project signs up subscribers and each subscriber receives monthly net metering credits based on the size of their subscription, how much the community solar project generates, and the subscriber’s electricity supply arrangement. Each subscription is tied to a specific community solar project. 

What are the Benefits?

Subscribers will save 20% off the supply portion of their electricity bill. Community Solar is also an easy way to support clean energy generation in Illinois. Supporting these types of projects helps reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and support clean energy generation. In addition, you do not have to invest in solar panels on your rooftop, which may not be right for everybody. 

How does Billing Work?

When you join the waitlist and a community solar project becomes available to accept new subscribers, you will be notified by the Program Administrator - MC Squared (MC2)  - with an opportunity to enroll. After successfully completing the enrollment process, you will receive the net metering credits on your monthly ComEd electric utility bill for your share of the generation created by your Community Solar project under the utility’s default electricity supply tariff service.

The program does not have upfront costs, will not lock you into a long-term contract, and will provide savings if the subscriber follows a few simple steps. The net metering credits, based on your subscription, will appear on your monthly utility bill and will be credited against your total electricity utility costs. MC2 then bills you for 80% of the net metering credits to your credit card and you save 20%.

How Do I Sign Up?

Sign up here to join the waitlist. You will need your ComEd bill handy. You are not obligating yourself to participate by putting your name on the waitlist. MC2 will be handling all of the sign-ups and account administration. Once you have submitted your information, they will contact you when a solar farm is ready.

 Click here to join the waiting list. 

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