Snow and Ice Removal Program

Public Works trucks in garage

The Snow & Ice Control Program was established to combat winter storms while maintaining public safety and preventing damage to life and property. Plowing operations commence after 2” of snow accumulation. Salting operations will continue during plowing until conditions deem it unnecessary or ineffective.

Salt Conservation

The Village operates under a salt conservation policy which ensures sufficient amounts of salt without depleting limited resources. These methods remain in place and include:

  1. Increased emphasis on mechanical snow removal (i.e. plowing). In the past, more salt was applied during the midst of the event in an attempt to keep streets wet. Under a conservation mode, salt is primarily applied during the onset of the storm and at the completion. The intent is to minimize plowing of salt back onto the parkways.
  2. Reduce side street salting to intersections and at midpoints of the blocks. This is to allow traffic to carry the salt brine over the balance of the street.
  3. Reduced application rates and spinner speeds. The speed of the spinner determines how far salt is cast. The intent here is to minimize salt bouncing off the pavement and onto the parkways where it is not only wasted but is detrimental to grass and trees.

Busy streets and school zones will continue to be reduced to bare pavement as soon as possible. The balance of the streets and alleys may see a delay in achieving bare pavement and may have intermittent snow pack at times.

With less salt on the roads during these events the Village encourages you to be safe, and exercise extra caution while driving. Snow will remain on the roads longer until temperatures and the sun have an opportunity to melt the snow on the roads.

Public Works crews will continue to plow and monitor road conditions.

Village Ordinance prohibits the following: parking vehicles on any street or alley at any time after the snow on the street or alley exceeds two inches in depth and for an eight hour period following the cessation of the snowfall; and the placement of snow or ice on any Village-owned street, alley, sidewalk, or property. Village Ordinance also requires property owners to clear the sidewalks adjacent to their properties (residential and business) of snow and ice within 24 hours after a snowfall.

To minimize the amount of snow that is pushed back onto your driveway apron from Village snow plows, it is recommended that you shovel, blow, and/or plow snow onto the parkway - to the right of your driveway when you are facing the street. Please do not shovel, blow, and/or plow snow directly onto the street or alley as it will likely be pushed back onto your driveway apron.

All private snow removal contractors providing service to residents and businesses must be properly licensed and bonded with the Village.