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Block party permits

Requests for block party permits must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event.  Choose to go paperless and submit online or download application in a PDF format.

Paperless Online Application Download Application

For block party questions, call the Village at (708) 714-3519.

Go GREEN with your Block Party

Let’s plant “Parkways For Pollinators” gardens!

Host a Green Block Party and Deep Roots Project will visit your block for a hands on garden planting activity on the grassy parkway between the sidewalk and the curb. Kids and adults alike will have a dirt load of fun planting a 4 x 10 ft. native flower garden to bring back butterflies, humming birds and other pollinators to your block!

Parkways for Pollinators is a collaboration between Deep Roots Project and the River Forest Sustainability Commission.

All you need to do is:

  • Check “YES” to host a Green Block Party on your permit application, and:
  • Check “YES” that you want a free sidewalk pollinator garden planting activity.
  • Click here to learn about the sun or shade pollinator garden choices.
  • Decide who will be your gardening activity coordinator.

It’s that simple.

Deep Roots Project will then:

  • Contact you, or your gardening activity coordinator, to schedule a time to meet and decide on your garden location.
  • Prep the garden area prior to your block party. Deep Roots Project will take care of prepping the area so all you have to do, is enjoy some planting fun!
  • Arrange the best time to visit your Green Block Party.
  • Bring the tools, the plants and the expertise. Guide kids and adults through the planting activity.