Comprehensive Plan

Updated 5/14/2019: At its May 13, 2019 meeting, Village Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve the Comprehensive Plan and Implementation Matrix. The final copy of both are available by clicking on them below:

The Village Board of Trustees previously considered the draft Comprehensive Plan for public comment, discussion, and deliberation during the April 8, 2019, and April 22, 2019, Village Board of Trustees meetings. Feedback requested from both of these discussions was incorporated in the final draft that was approved.

This action follows an extensive process that began in 2017 and was undertaken by the Village's Plan CommissionVillage Board and Staff.  It also sets forth long-range recommendations for the maintenance and enhancement of the community as well as desirable improvements, developments and redevelopments in selected locations.

The Plan is "comprehensive" in both scope and coverage. It encompasses the use of land and buildings, the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, and the provision of public facilities. It also addresses residential neighborhoods, commercial areas, public and institutional lands, and public rights-of-way.

Community input has been critically important to the process of updating the Comprehensive Plan and residents have shared their thoughts through surveys, the project website, community meetings and events, tool, and more.  

To learn more about the Village's Comprehensive Plan, please view this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).