Beekeeping is allowed in River Forest provided a permit has first been obtained from the Village.  Click here for permit requirements, Village Code, permit information, and forms. 

The Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) administers the Illinois Bees and Apiaries Program, which is designed to assist beekeepers with the management and protection of honeybee colonies.  Under the Illinois Bees and Apiaries Act, beekeepers are required to register their colonies with the IDOA and to comply with their rules and regulations and that of the Administrative Code.  Beekeepers are encouraged by the IDOA to register their hive(s).  

For those new to beekeeping, see the Illinois State Beekeepers Association best practices guide. Dominican University will be offering beekeeping education on an on-going basis.  The Village will post upcoming classes in the E-newsletter and on its Facebook page.  

For more information, email or call 708-366-8500.