Honorary Signs

Honorary street sign designations are given for places that have a particular significance to the community, and they are presented to residents who have been passionate public servants and who have tirelessly contributed to the betterment of the River Forest community. The list below represents those who have recieved this designation. 







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Dale Rider Way


Dale served as a Village Trustee from 1979-87 and 1995-05. Dale gave back to the community in many ways and helped lead the Village to infrastructure improvements, including a new elevated water storage tank.


200 Gale


Gale and Washington



Frank Paris Way


Frank served as a Village Trustee from 1989-93, and as President from 1993-09. During his tenure, Frank led the Lake Street Corridor redevelopment, and he always looked for ways to improve schools.


1100  Keystone


Keystone and Thomas



Nancy Dillion Way


Nancy served as Village Trustee from 1989-09. She was an advocate of women’s athletics and the River Forest Tennis Club champion 11 times.


500 Forest


Forest and Lake



Thomas S. Cusack Way


Thomas served as Village Trustee from 1977-81 and as President from 1981-89. He was active in the River Forest Service Club and served as chairman for many years on the River Forest Memorial Day Parade.


400 Ashland


Ashland and Lake



Virginia Moe Way


Virginia served as curator of the Trailside Museum from 1939 until her death in 1991. Her mission was to change Trailside from a museum to a center to rehabilitate wildlife. Under her leadership, Trailside became one of the first such centers in the State and cares for an average of 3,000 animals a year.


700 Thatcher


Thatcher near Trailside



LemonAid Place


The LemonAid Stand was established in 2002 in an effort to remember the September 11 attacks by doing something positive in community. Proceeds are donated to local charities benefitting children. The community has responded enthusiastically, and local charities have felt tremendous support by the community they serve.


700 Bonnie Brae


Bonnie and Chicago



Mary T. Small Way


Mary was a dedicated citizen who served on many local committees. Her deep commitment and advocacy of senior citizens led to the creation of Celebrating Seniors Week. She was celebrated as a 60 over 60 honoree in 2013.  


300 Gale


Gale and Hawthorne



Historic William Street


This block was recognized for its centennial in 2016 and is the only known tract housing development of Prairie Style homes in the US from that time. The homes were built by Henry Hogans.


700 William


William and Oak



Thomas ‘The Big Guy’ Michael Way


Thomas has been active in many community activities and club, including being a Charter Member of the Kiwanis Club of River Forest-Oak Park. He was celebrated as a 60 over 60 honoree in 2014 and is known for his “Big Guy Food Drive.”


1200 Ashland


Ashland and Division



Laurel and Dennis McMahon Way


Laurel and Dennis were long-serving members of Village commissions and committed to historic preservation. They restored their own home, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, and Laurel worked diligently to help get the Historic Preservation ordinance passed.


300 Keystone


Keystone and Linden



Mary Anne Brown Way


Mary Anne’s dedication to serving vulnerable children is demonstrated through her work as executive director at Hephzibah Children’s Association, which she helped to expand. She has received numerous accolades for her community service.


7500 Lake


Monroe and Lake



Joseph and Char Madden Way


Joe and Char showed their tireless dedication to local charities and served on countless boards for River Forest schools and sports organizations. They have raised generations of Maddens in the Village.


500 River Oaks


Auvergne and River Oaks



Ron Sherman Way


With Ron’s leadership, the Village formed its local branch of Citizens Corps, which coordinates volunteer response to emergencies and educates the community on emergency preparedness. Ron has shown selfless dedication to the citizens of River Forest.


600 Park


Oak and Park



Monica Affleck Way


Monica leaves behind a heartfelt impact on the community through her time as a field biologist and teacher. February 12, 2018 was named Monica Affleck day in honor of her 100th birthday.


300 Ashland


Ashland and Hawthorne



Elaine "Blondie" Kirk Way


600 Keystone


Keystone and Oak



Blondie has lived on Keystone Avenue in River Forest since 1955 and has been active in volunteer organizations since. She served on the Village's Development Review Board from 1999-2014 and Plan Commission from 1999-2020.


Mark Walsh Way

  1400 Keystone   Keystone & Greenfield   22-04
Mark Walsh served on the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners for over two decades before passing away on February 8, 2020.