Memorial Day Honor Roll 2022

Please join the Park District, the River Forest Civic Association, and the Village for a Memorial Day Ceremony to honor our veterans who have selflessly served our country, while protecting our freedoms. The event will take place on Monday, May 30 following the parade that kicks off at 9:30 a.m. Click here for more information about the parade and ceremony. 

If you know of any River Forest residents who are on active duty or are a veteran of our military, the River Forest Civic Association would like to honor them in future Memorial Day ceremonies by including them on its honor roll. Click here to enroll an honoree.

The 2021 Event was Led by Memorial Day Grand Marshal Captain Peter Mavrelis
November 1973: Honorably Discharged. Captain in the US Marine Corps

Honoring River Forest Residents on Active Duty 2021

Capt. Christopher J. Hanson USN Program Manager Virginia Class Nuclear Powered Attack Submarines NAVSEASYSTEMS COM, Washington, DC. Son of Dave and Nancy Hanson.

Colonel Margaret C. Martin USAF Permanent Professor, Head of History Dept. U.S. AIR FORCE Academy, Colorado Springs, CO. Daughter of Frank and Buff Martin. 

Major Sarah Culbertson USMC Washington, D.C. Daughter of Linda Reisburg. 

Major Jim Gullo USAF MD Asst Professor of Radiology 60th Medical Group; Travis AFB, CA. Son of Gregory and Helen Gullo.

Capt. Robert Barnhisel USMC C.C. Echo Company, 2nd Batt, 1st Marines Camp Pendleton, CA. Son of William and Donna Barnhisel.

Capt. Victoria Gullo; USAF 492nd Special OPS Wing Hurlburt Field, Florida. Daughter of Gregory & Helen Gullo. 

MSG. Scott Dinse USA 101st Airborne Division Fort Campbell, KY. Nephew of Jim and Lynn Winikates. 

SFC. Edith Buckner USA Deployed Overseas. River Forest Police Department. 

SSG. David J. Erfort, Jr., USA Helicopter Mechanic Instructor South Korea. Son of David And Bridget Erfort. 

PFC. Cameron Smart USMC Camp Pendleton, CA Son of Valarie Smart.

Honoring River Forest Residents on Reserve Duty 2021

Corp. Antony Miller USMC-R Son of Michael & Dustin Cagnina.

Honoring River Forest Residents Who Served 2021

COL Nathan Mellman USAF AMN Ronald J Ranieri USAF
CAPT Peter Mavrelis USMC SGT James E. Elsener USMC
CAPT Peter Toberman USA SGT Brian Muhr USA
Lt. Henry Guralnick USN Cpl Robert Credi USMC
Lt. Douglas Wozniak USN CPL Charles Green USA
Lt. Clayton Young USN PO2 John S. Payne USN
Lt. Charles Kerstetter USA PO3 William E Clancy USN
MSG Aloysius Hopkins USA PO3 Richard Schumacher USN
SFC Charles E. Foster USA LCpl Cody Cox USMC
SGT James Mizgala USA PFC Derion Young USA
SGT Joseph Bobak USA PFC John R. Coath USA
MP William O. McClimans USA AMN Melvin Roberts USAF
CAPT William Bobco USA  

Past Honorees

Charles R. Anderson  John E. Goggin*  Michael Joseph O’Connor
Robert K. Anzinger M.D.  Alice Suzanne Goodreau*  Rev. R. Conway O’Connor*
Robert Atkinson  James J. Goodreau*  Walter G. O’Day*
John F. Barrett*  Very Rev. Theodore R. Gracia*  Richard F. O’Hara*
Judson P. Beck  George Alexander Gregg*  Rev. John Joseph O’Malley
Edward J. Bellock*  Robert E. Grundin*  George Parry
Robert F. Berg  John C. Hagensick*  Michael Pearce
Rev. John S. Bernacki, Jr. OP  John B. Hague*  Michael J. Perrone*
Charles E. Blackman*  Samual Houston Hanes*  Dr. Anibal Americo Pepper
Henry Joseph Bode, Jr.  David L. Hanson  Douglas Peterson
Emerson A. Bowlen  Matt Hanson  Kenneth Radnitzer
Leslie W. Brettman  Norman A. Hennessy*  John D. Regan*
Dr. Miles E. Brundage  Fred W. Hess  Dale E. Rider
Edith Buckner  James Hopkins  Robert Joseph Righeimer*
Ray W. Campbell*  Emerson Houser*  Elliott Rodgers
Frank Catrambone  Larry Hull*  Frowene Rodgers
James H. Cavanagh, Jr.  Edward L. Jeep  Ann E. Rondeau
Robert A. Christy  Arthur Gene Lawrence  Dr. Richard Rousseau
Sam R. Ciccio  Edward H. Lee*  Charles J. Ryan*
John J. Cleary  John C. Lennon  Hugh Bailey Ryan*
John L. Coath  Harold Bernard Lind, Jr.  Frederick C. Schiller
Anthony J. Cortese*  Fred Ludke*  Robert B. Shallenberger
James P. Cortese*  James Lynch*  Neal Skelly
Philip J. Cortese*  Robert G. Mackey  Trevor Skelly
Richard Mendrick Cortese  John Majewski  Dr. Vincent Simone
Dr. Richard M. Cronin  Margaret C. Martin  Dr. Frank J. Smith*
Walter George Cronin  Robert Charles McAdam*  Joseph Sorce
William J. Cullerton*  Robert McCabe  Robert M. Stoltz
Joseph Albert Cusack  Norman H. McClevey*  Caesar P. Tabet*
Thomas Cusack, Jr.*  Cristopher McCole  George E. Tapling*
Dirk Debbink  Chester C. McCullough*  Sherry Toberman
Frank Gerard DiFebo  John F. McDonnell*  Wayne Toberman
John W. Donaghue*  Gilbert J. McGirr*  Mario Tonelli*
Patricia J. Hosty Donaghue  Page Gilbert McGirr  James J. Walsh*
Brian Driscoll  Edward William McIntosh III  Robert Patrick Walsh*
Cory Elich  Edward J. McMahon*  William Weiland
Mia Esposito  Raymond J. McMahon*  Daniel A. Whiston*
Francis A. Even*  Richard J. McMahon, Jr.  Donald Wieczorek
Robert H. Faerber*  John E. McParland  Thomas Wieczorek
Charles F. Finn  Louis Medick  Ralph N. William, Jr.
Paul Faherty  Charles L. Michod*  Frank Zarate III
Howard K. Foote*  Robert L. Melville  Richard George Zilligen
Dr. Fred Freitag  James E. Monahan  
Richard Gadek  David O. Monson  
John T. Galls  Richard M. Neal*  *Deceased
John Samuel Gibbins  Joseph Paul Nolan, Jr.*  
Rev. Robert V. Goedert OP  Joseph O. O’Connor


River Forest Residents Who Died in War or Due to Injuries

Civil War

World War II (cont.)

Thatcher, William

Milchhoeffer, Robert

World War I

Monson, Charles

Bartelme, Alfred E.

Murphy, Thomas
Hammond, George Norris Niles, Ralph C.
Riordan, Leander O’Brien, William
Schreiner, Harold Oliphant, Bruce
World War II Parmalee, James L.
Armstrong, Robert Pavlovic, John
Barrett, John Payette, James
Brink, John L., Jr. Pingel, Robert
Burke, John Saur, Clarence John, Jr.
Callahan, Robert Savage, John E.
Clarke, Joseph Schaloske, Robert A.
Domville, Thomas C. Spur, Clarence J.
Feasley, Harrison Stone, George R.
Freeman, Stewart Ullman, Paul E.
Ganson, Edward J. White, Douglas
Grove, Fred A. Wiegman, Robert A.
Hanson, Robert J. Korean War
Harrington, Frederick C. O’Day, Walter G.
Hedburg, David Vietnam War
Helwig, Fred A. Galvin, Ronald E.
Hensel, Robert James Nolan, Jr., Joseph P
Jannish, Fred A. Afghanistan War
Kallal, Charles William Smedinghoff, Anne
Lentine, Joseph Atkins, Lee
McCormack, William