Chicago Avenue Construction

October, 16, 2018

The Chicago Avenue Resurfacing Project continues to progress rapidly. With the old pavement surface removed, the contractor will now be preparing to install the first layer of new asphalt later this week on Thursday, October 18th. To improve the bond between the new asphalt and the existing road base, a liquid asphalt product will first need to be applied. This odorless product is sprayed onto the road base in a thin layer with a truck-mounted sprayer. Over the course of a couple hours, it begins to dry out and stick to the road base. While it is wet, however, vehicles traveling at higher rates of speed may spray the material up onto the body of the vehicle via the tires. In an effort to avoid this from happening, the contractor will be installing the material at approximately 3:00 am on Thursday, October 18th. The goal is to have the material dried by the time morning rush hour traffic begins. 

For additional details and updates, visit the project website here