Police Department Community Alert - Investigation

November, 18, 2020

At 2:00 am on Wednesday, November 18, 2020, a caller advised 911 Dispatch that he heard glass breaking and observed a subject walking down Lake St. Police units arrived and stopped a male subject, who had a large rock in his pocket and property on him belonging to a female and a local business. In addition, the subject had a cut on his hand and provided false information on his identity. Broken windows were located at 7623-B Lake St. (Valenti Tailors & Cleaners), 7751 Lake (Byline Bank), and 7777 Lake (River Forest Dry Cleaners & Tailoring).  It was apparent that the only business entered was Valenti Tailors & Cleaners.  The subject is in custody for Obstructing ID/Burglary/Theft investigation. This matter is under investigation.