Free Water-Saving and Weatherization Kits

March, 26, 2021

Nicor Gas customers can receive a free water-saving kit or up to two free weatherization kits by ordering online.

The free water-saving kit includes 1 or 2 low-flow showerheads, 1 or 2 bathroom faucet aerators, 1 dual-spray kitchen faucet aerator, a shower timer, and plumber’s tape.

The weatherization kit includes a 12-pack of outlet and switch foam gasket, a 17′ roll of closed-cell foam tape weatherstripping, a 17′ roll of V-seal type weatherstripping, a self-adhesive door sweep, and a 30′ roll of rope caulk.

For more information or to order a kit, go to the Nicor Free Products and Services webpage.