Rainfall, Flooding, and Flood Prevention

June, 28, 2021

Over the last week the Chicagoland region has experienced substantial rains. Additional rain is possible over the next several days. At time, rainfall came down extremely fast which could contribute to flooding occurrences. The Village understands the difficult situations this creates for all of us and works to alleviate as many flooding issues as possible.

Residents with flooding issues are encouraged visit the Village’s guide on flooding and flood prevention.

This resource includes information on identifying and preventing flooding on your property and in your home. During periods of heavy rain, there are multiple types of flooding that can occur depending on how water enters a property. The most common types of flooding experienced by River Forest residents include:

  • Sewer backup - if you have experienced water coming up and out of a floor drain, shower drain, or other drains in your basement, instead of down into it, read this guide to learn more about sewer backups.
  • Groundwater seepage - if you have experienced water or moisture coming through your foundation walls or floor, read this guide to learn more about groundwater seepage. 
  • Yard flooding - if you have experience water pooling or puddling in your yard, read this guide to learn more about yard flooding. 

The resulting levels of flooding based on these occurrences can vary from small puddles to multiple feet of water in a yard or basement, depending on many factors. By clicking on any one of the links above you will be able to see more information about how that type of flooding occurs, what to do if it does occur, and preventative measures that can be taken to minimize your risk in the first place.