River Forest to Update Building Code in 2022

August, 23, 2021

The Village proposes to update the adopted building code from the ICC Code Series 2003 Edition to the 2018 Edition, with an effective date still to be determined. 

The purpose of building codes is to ensure that the built environment is constructed in such a manner so as to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public.  Building codes can be traced back to 1772 BC, when Babylonian Emperor Hammurabi, enacted the Code of Hammurabi, a portion of which regulated building construction.  Since that time, building codes have evolved to cover all aspects of building construction including structures, electricity, plumbing, and more. 

Throughout the region and the nation, model building codes have been developed and promulgated by the International Code Council (ICC) and updated periodically to take advantage of the most recent improvements in the building industry.  Currently, the village operates under the ICC Code Series, 2003 Edition and it is being proposed that the village update and adopt the ICC 2018 Code Series. 

The topic of updating the building code was introduced to the Village Board of Trustees on August 9, 2021 . At the September 13, 2021 Village Board of Trustees meeting, the Board heard a presentation regarding building code updates. Click here for a copy of the proposed amendments.  The Village Board will return in 2022 to continue its discussion.