River Forest Police Respond to Armed Robbery

March, 23, 2018

At approximately 3 PM on March 23, 2018, a victim was robbed at gunpoint while sitting in a vehicle in the 1000 block of Forest Avenue.  The victim stated the two offenders approached both sides of the vehicle and one offender pointed a handgun at the victim.  One offender removed the victim’s purse from the front seat of the car and both offenders ran to a waiting vehicle, described as a light-blue or gray, small, older vehicle that fled eastbound on Thomas from Forest.  The victim described both offenders as African-American males in their 20’s wearing dark clothing, and the offender with the gun was wearing a black mask.

The River Forest Police Department reminds residents to:

  • Keep aware of your surrounding at all times, even in areas or places you feel safe.
  • Keep watch for individuals approaching your car to ask for directions, hand out flyers, ask for money, or asking for a ride.
  • Stay vigilant at public garages, parking lots, gas stations, car washes, drive-up ATM machines, and at all stop lights or stop sign controlled intersections.

If you are the victim of a robbery, your safety is the priority.  Do not argue or fight with the offender.  Immediately comply with the requests and call 911 immediately, once it is safe to do so if your phone is on your person.  If you can gather a description of the vehicle, offenders or suspects, please relay that information to the 911 dispatcher.  But remember, your safety comes first!

As always, please call 911 to report any suspicious activity in your neighborhood. For questions and advice, please visit vrf.us/crimeprevention or contact Ofc. Glen Czernik at 708-714-3543.