The Village's Forestry Division maintains over 8,000 trees (and over 90 species) in Village rights-of-way or the area commonly known as "the parkway." The parkway is the area between the curb and the public sidewalk or lot line. The Village inspects, monitors, trims, removes, plants, and inoculates parkway trees (only Ash) throughout the Village, through the year.

Trimming of Village Trees

The Village has implemented a systematic approach to pruning parkway trees in accordance with a four-year pruning cycle—view the Pruning Map.

The Village recognizes the importance of pruning and removing hazardous limbs/trees and will address those situations as they are reported to the Village or observed by Village Staff. Should you observe a hazard please click here to contact the Village immediately.

Per Village Code (Title 5, Chapter 8: Trees and Shrubs), only Village crews or crews contracted by the Village may perform the above tasks. If any work needs to be performed, residents are asked to submit a service request online or call Public Works at 708-366-8500. River Forest Public Works currently has five International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists on staff and several Public Works employees that are licensed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) as pesticide/insecticide applicators and operators.

Storm Damage Policy

In the event a tree is damaged by storm activity, and for the first two weeks following a storm event, residents may place fallen tree limbs and branches that are four (4) inches or greater in diameter, regardless of length, in the parkway to be collected by Village crews. All smaller materials (less than 4 inches in diameter) should be disposed of in the regular yard waste program utilizing yard waste bags or brush tags. Do not place these materials in the street. If it is not practical to prepare materials for collection under the regular yard waste program, residents may contact a tree care company or waste disposal company to arrange for a special collection of the material. All contractors must be licensed and bonded with the Village of River Forest.

Utility Trimming

ComEd and other utility providers regularly perform tree trimming in the Village for maintenance of overhead lines. Utility provides are required to provide notices, and will send postcards out about planned actvity in your area. Click here to view a map of ComEd Tree Trimming scheduled for January 2023.