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Property maintenance

Proper maintenance of properties within the Village is essential to maintain property values and uphold River Forest's reputation as an outstanding community. As homes age, routine maintenance plays a vital role in the proper upkeep of the home.

The Village is committed to working with residents and businesses to voluntarily resolve property maintenance and code related concerns.

The Village's Building & Zoning Inspector routinely inspects properties for potential property maintenance violations and will issue a yellow door hanger notifying the property owner of a violation.

Common property maintenance concerns include grass and weeds in excess of 8 inches, garages and fences in disrepair, street address numbers not visible from the street (important for police and fire emergency response), snow and ice not removed from public sidewalks within 24 hours, and bushes or shrubs that overhang a public sidewalk.

Click here to report a property maintenance concern or call 708-366-8500.