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Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing Planning and Appeals Act (AHPAA) was adopted to address the lack of moderately-priced housing that exists in many communities in Illinois.  The AHPAA requires counties and municipalities with less than 10% affordable housing to adopt an Affordable Housing Plan that identifies how the Village will pursue increasing available affordable housing and what incentive(s) will be offered to developers to encourage affordable housing development.

According to the Illinois Housing Development Authority’s (IHDA) 2018 report, the Village of River Forest affordable housing share is 9.0%.  The Village seeks to improve the percentage of affordable housing units in the Village to at least 10% of its total housing stock.  The Village’s Affordable Housing Plan states that this goal will be pursued by:

  • Protecting and enhancing the existing affordable housing that currently exists in the Village, primarily the multi-family residential housing along the Village’s perimeter corridors
  • Concentrating attention on new multi-family and mixed-use buildings and providing developers of such buildings the opportunity to include affordable housing units

The Village’s Affordable Housing Plan recommends that the Village use zoning “bonuses” as one way to encourage developers to include affordable housing units in new multi-family buildings.  In addition to adopting zoning “bonuses” as a preferred incentive to encourage affordable housing development, the Village’s Affordable Housing Plan also recommends that the Village consider additional measures that are outlined in the Affordable Housing Plan and Implementation Matrix.

Developers who plan to propose an Affordable Housing project should review the Village’s Development Guide and contact Village Staff to learn more about the Village’s planned development application, review, and approval process.

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