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The Village provides single-family and multi-family structures (three units or less) the opportunity to recycle under the Village's recycling program. In this program, residents are provided with one 32-gallon container, and may use unlimited additional containers, and can discard the materials listed below into these containers. Containers are to be placed at the "Top-of-the-Drive" location, which is a point on or immediately adjacent to the driveway near the front building line of your residence.

Village Ordinance requires that all multi-family buildings not served under the Village's program institute a recycling program. If your multi-family complex does not currently provide a recycling program, please contact the Public Works Department for assistance in implementing such a program.

View 1-page list of Recyclable Materials for a comprehensive overview of options for recycling a wide variety of items, from appliances to TVs and toys.

Watch this short video on recycling for more information on what can and cannot be recycled.