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Conserve and Manage Water

Conserve and Manage Water

Conserving water usage and managing how water flows from our properties both protects the availability and purity of this life-sustaining resource, along with reducing the environmental pollutants and greenhouse gases associated operating our municipal fresh water, storm water, and waste water management systems.   Please visit these sites to learn more and what you can do:

Check for Leaks

The Village of River Forest is excited to introduce WaterSmart, a free online customer portal where you can see your water use, get leak alerts, and more. This service will enable you to manage your water use and bill - all part of the Village's ongoing "smart city" advancements. We encourage you to get started by logging on to the WaterSmart Portal here.

Order a Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are a great way to capture and store rainwater coming off a roof. Rain barrels consist of a plastic storage container, a system for diverting downspout water into the barrel, and an overflow that returns to the downspout or diverts water safely away from the house.

Water from rain barrels can be used to water your lawn, garden or household plants and reduces stormwater runoff, thereby reducing the strain on our combined sewer system during major storm events.

Click here to learn more about Rain Barrels and to order yours.

Village Initiatives

Green Alleys

In the Spring of 2023, the Village will complete alley reconstruction, making 100% of village alleys  Green Alleys. The use of permeable pavers is referred to as Green Alleys because the pavers divert water from going into the Village’s stormwater system, helping instead to sustainably recharge groundwater and mitigating stormwater impacts on nearby properties. The project page can be found here

Automated Meter Infrastructure

The Automated Metering Infrastructure will significantly reduce water loss throughout the Village. The technology helps promote overall water conservation and will reduce the Village's carbon emissions, as drive-by reads will no longer be required. Learn about the Village's Automated Metering Infrastructure here.