Sustainability Commission

The Sustainability Commission's purpose is to enhance the quality of life of its residents through the study and promotion of sustainable practices that conserve natural resources and protect the environment. Review the guide to Sustainable Living

A Guide to Sustainability programs

Sustainability Commission Members   

Member Term Expires
Eric Simon, Chair   4/30/25 (Chair), 4/30/25 (Member)
Susan Charrette  4/30/25
Jeff Veazie  4/30/25
Jill Drury  4/30/27
Jamie Hayley  4/30/27
Gary Lennon


Louise Mezzatesta


The Intent and purpose of the Commission shall be to (1) Promote the protection of the public's health, safety and welfare as it relates to environmental sustainability, (2) Promote the conservation of natural resources and protection of the environment, and (3) Acquire and disseminate technical information relative to the environment and natural resources.  The duties of the Commission shall be to (1) Collect general environmental and/or technical information as may pertain to the quality of life within the Village as it relates to environmental sustainability and to make such material available to the President and Board of Trustees, (2) Alert the President and Board of Trustees to State and Federal laws and regulations relative to environmental sustainability which may require attention and/or action on the part of the Village, (3) Make recommendations to the President and Board of Trustees for adoption of policies, programs and/or goals which would improve or sustain the environment of the Village and which would not conflict with State or Federal laws or regulations, and (4) Perform such duties and functions as may be requested of it by the President and Board of Trustees which are within or reasonably related to the Commission's general powers and duties.

Upcoming meetings

  1. Dec 12 Tue

    Sustainability Commission Meeting

    07::00PM, Village Hall - 400 Park Avenue - River Forest - IL - COMMUNITY ROOM

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