Parking, commuting, traffic

This guide contains information on parking, commuter and traffic matters. Frequently used parking and commuter permits are listed below and also on the Pay + Apply section:

Traffic & Safety Concerns

The Village's Traffic and Safety Commission reviews transit, parking and potentially hazardous traffic matters. More information about the petition process is available on the Commission page.

The Village recently completed the Northeast Neighborhood Traffic Study to analyze traffic patterns in the section of town between Greenfield Avenue and North Avenue from Lathrop to Harlem. Read more about the study and proposed improvements here. 

Similar to work that was completed in the northeast corner of the Village, River Forest has also recently completed a traffic study of the entire Village to discover and discuss any specific areas that may warrant additional discussion and potential modifications. Read more about the study and proposed improvements here. 

Red Light Cameras

The Village currently has two Automated Traffic Systems located at North Avenue and Harlem Avenue and Lake St and Harlem Avenue. 

See more details on the Red Light Camera locations or pay a red light ticket or to view a violation.