The Village's Development Approval Process » Trinity High School - Amendment to Existing Planned Development

Trinity High School - Amendment to Existing Planned Development

In 2002 the Village Board of Trustees approved a Planned Development Permit at 7574 Division Street (Trinity High School).  The property owner is seeking a major amendment to the existing planned development permit to construct a building addition. 

Applicant Name

Trinity High School

Location of Proposed Planned Development

Trinity High School, 7574 Division St, River Forest, IL 60305

Project Description

Trinity High School intends to construct an enclosed walkway between Trinity’s academic building and gymnasium and construct a courtyard along the east side of the school. The link will include an elevator to access all floors in the academic building. The courtyard will be a place for the students to be outside in a secured area with landscaping and seating for educational use and enjoyment

Planned Development Permit Application Status
  • Development Review Board Pre-Filing Meeting - March 4, 2021
  • Neighbor Meeting - March 11, 2021
  • Application Submittal - Not yet submitted
  • Village Technical Committee Review - Not yet scheduled 
  • Development Review Board Public Hearing - Not yet scheduled 
  • Village Board of Trustees Final Consideration - No final Board action will be taken until after the public hearing has concluded and the Development Review Board has adopted its findings of fact.

Please view the Village's Guide to the Development Approval Process to learn more.