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The Village's Development Approval Process » Lake & Lathrop Mixed Use Project

Lake & Lathrop Mixed Use Project

In 2016 the Village Board of Trustees approved a redevelopment agreement that envisioned a mixed-use project at this site that features commercial and residential spaces.  Through this agreement the developer has agreed to remediate environmental contamination.  This project was subject to the Village's planned development permit application process. 

Applicant Name

Lake Lathrop Partners, LLC 

Location of Proposed Planned Development

7601-7613 Lake Street, 7617-7621 Lake Street and 423 Ashland Avenue

Project Description

Mixed-use building that will include up to 30 residential condominium units, approximately 14,000 square feet of commercial space, and 86 off-street (on-site) parking spaces.

  • 1/15/20 - Developer submits reports to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA).  Reports include Amended Focused Site Investigation, Remediation Objectives and Remedial Action Plan.
  • 12/16/19 - Developer submits building permit plans for mixed used development project.
  • 9/3/19 - Between Wednesday (September 4th) and Friday (September 6th) the contractor will be performing utility disconnection work as required by the demolition process. This will involve excavations in Lake Street as well as Lathrop Avenue. Excavations in Lake Street will be located in the middle of the pavement, which will require east and westbound through-lanes to be temporarily shifted to the parking lanes. Work on Lathrop is generally located within the west half of the pavement, which will require some shifting for southbound traffic but northbound traffic should remain unaffected. There will be 2 through-lanes open on both streets at all times. Lane shifts will be removed after working hours. All adjacent properties have been notified of this work. Anticipated completion for all utility disconnections and pavement restoration is on Friday.
  • 8/13/19 - Over the course of the next few days, work will take place to remove te north wall of the structures which are adjacent ot the public sidewalk. During this time, the sidewalk will be closed off to pedestrian traffic and the parking lane will be blocked off. These are necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the workers and the public while the walls are being removed. 
  • 8/2/19 - Demolition is underway and will continue next week. For the safety of all, intermittent closures to the sidewalk are expected as crews work to demolish the north wall of the structures.
  • 7/17/19 - Though there has been a slight delay in demolition activities, work is planned to start up again next week. Demolition work anticipated for next week includes removal of the roof and all walls for structures between Lathrop and 7613 Lake Street. During removal of the north wall, the sidewalk along the south side of Lake Street will be blocked to pedestrian traffic. This closure is only anticipated to last for 2 days. The following week will see demolition of any remaining elements of site structures as well as the site pavement. 
  • 6/17/19 - A conditional demolition permit has now been issued for the removal of the existing structures within the development site. The demolition of these structures is anticipated to start soon and will likely take 4-5 weeks to complete. As part of the site demolition some off-site impacts will occur, including sidewalk closure along Lake Street and traffic control/detours on Lake Street and Lathrop. These off-site impacts are not anticipated to take more than a few days at a time but are necessary to safely complete all demolition work in accordance with the River Forest municipal ordinance.
  • 5/6/19 - Village Staff is currently working with the developer to facilitate the site demolition work in preparation for construction. Currently, contractors are working to recycle much of the material from inside the buildings prior to demolition of the buildings themselves. Once demolished, a soil remediation plan will be put into place and the soils on the vacant site will be modified as necessary to allow for construction of the new building. Once the remediation plan is completed and verified, construction of the new 5-story mixed-use building can begin. Check back here for regular updates throughout the construction process.
Planned Development Permit Application Status

Please view the Village's Guide to the Development Approval Process to learn more.